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Ironman Aftermath

I sit here, over a week out from Ironman, still basking in the glow.

Every time I talk about it, there is a constant smile on my face. Last night I was asked what my favorite part of it was, to which I replied (very Lincoln-like) "All of it". Seriously, I had a great day.

I meant for Ironman to be a one-and-done thing. Or at best, done for the next couple of years until I could devote another year to focusing on training and the business could sustain itself again. As soon as I was finished, I was thinking "how can I make this as part of my lifestyle"... and that is the question I have been pondering.

So, I have a few things in the works and right now I just need to get them all set.

I have learned that:
(a) I don't do well without a "schedule" (yes, type A)
(b) I don't do well without a goal.

The two are soon to come!