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Where the buffaloes roam...

So, I am sorry I have been a little sidetracked and not paying too much attention to this little old bloggity blog. I have been thinking about "things" to write about, but really what I want to write about are those things that get me excited, so here is the latest:

Anyways, so went on running last weekend with friends up at Lair 'o the Bear. Had a great time, even saw some elk.Which got me even more juiced than ever to run the Moab Red Hot 50k in February... till I went to register that night... and it was FULL!

Yep, that's right. FULL. No entry. Nada. Nothing. I emailed the race director and he said I was SOL (in a nice way), so I didn't beg and went to work assessing "what am I gonna do now"??? I was counting on Moab to be a good long distance training run with plenty of climbing to make it good training for Comrades. (Not to mention I would be with friends and it was within driving distance!)

So, I looked and looked. Considered Croom's again (always fun to see mom), but didn't want to do Florida twice this winter. Plus, no real climbing. And then I remembered a run I was considering for my first 50 last year, but thought it may be too hard for my first 50-- The Buffalo Run on Antelope Island.

Hmmm. A run on an island. Sounds pretty flat. Till you look at the run map.

OK, so maybe a little daunting. I emailed the race director who said "it only had about 5,000 ft climbing". (Moab has 4,860.) Sounds challenging to me. Maybe even a better fit than Moab... NO!

So... as if that wasn't enough, here's where I get to run:
Isn't that gorgeous?

Runner's World even featured it as a Rave Run!

For those of you who know me, there are a few adjectives you can use to get me to run something, those are "beautiful" and "challenging"-- so I think I am gonna LOVE this!

For anyone interested in joining me, check the race out here. Can't wait!