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This weekend, I will be running the Miami Marathon. I need a qualifying marathon for Comrades (and a girl getaway), so... Miami it is!

Now this marathon will be different from the others I have run. In the past, I ran a marathon just to get to the finish line. This time, I am running for time; the faster I finish = the better the seed at Comrades.

Well, considering that Denver currently looks like this
And Miami currently looks like this
It has been a little difficult to train, but I did my best.

So, step #1-- Do some runs inside. (Which I have been avoiding.)
Regardless of the perception, I actually DO NOT like running on the treadmill, so this has been a tad bit hard. To make it more Miami-like (ie, hot) I haven't been using my fan- not a huge a sacrifice, but one none-the-less.

Step #2-- Test Run.
We all know the cardinal rule: Nothing new on race day. And...I have been doing my research and have invested in a few things that I am *hoping* may aid my speed. But considering the awesome weather and conditions of my self-supported runs, I haven't had a chance to use them.  So, while I am no girl scout, but I do like to be prepared, so here I am readying myself for my last long run with all my new gear.
(Pictured here: new arm coolers, smaller hand bottle and super-light waist pack. All purchased from my favorite running store, Runners Roost.)

Step #3-- The Mental Thing.
I have come to grips with the fact that I am a headcase. Or at least when it comes to running-- ok, or maybe always in life. But for me, 'thinking through' every aspect helps me feel prepared, so when race day comes I can simply execute. {I like to think as little as possible on race day.} Many times I think on my own, but I also have a great support system (Ross, Charley, Andrea, Jane, Sonja, to name a few) that have helped me think out loud through some of the race day aspects I am going to encounter. Will I go out with a pacer? Will I bring a water bottle? How fast do I want to go out? So that has been a great help.
Reconning the course. Nope, I don't really plan on doing it while I am down there, but being able to do it online was awesome! I now know (weeks, not the day before the race) what to expect. For some it doesn't help, but for me, it does. Check her out.
While I wish I could go as fast as this video does, I realize that would be impossible-- I would end up with an 8-minute-marathon.

So, here I am. 3 days out from leaving- 5 from running. Ready to go! I have been talking with my girly-girl friends and we are all uber-excited for it to come! We've got a hotel on the beach. We'll all be running, expecting good times. Heather will be running her FIRST marathon on her THIRTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY! (as if us all being together wouldn't be enough reason to celebrate)


Cheyenne Mountain 25/50K

Hey people, I want you to be the first to know about a new and exciting race coming to the Colorado Springs area this Spring. (Yes, just announced last week, so you truly are some of the first to be 'in the know'.)
Am I doing this? Heck, yea!

This will be the inaugural year for the race and it looks like by far the best one around!

Too early? I say, no! We've had rocking weather around here for the winter, so why not challenge yourself with a little distance race to help warm you up for the season? Having my big (55 mile) race the end of May, I have been looking for races to help me build up to it and this will be perfect. I was looking around and almost signed up for a local 50k and am so glad I didn't.

Here's why:
- a new, different and exciting trail to run
- I love Saturday races (which this one is)
- 2 25k-loops (not 4 12k-loops)
- Affordable!!!
- a freakin' hysterical announcer (expect a lot of "Boo-yah"s)
- May is just too busy for me. And a tad too late in the season (did I just say that?).
- A good-looking race shirt (yes, I am hoping to help with the design)

Not to mention, the race director promises well-stocked, awesome aid stations, volunteers will be well taken care of, pre and post race food will make everyone happy-and most important the trail will be fun, challenging, and rewarding! MORE INFORMATION HERE.

So, have I won you over yet? Join me on April 23rd-- you won't regret it!

p.s. If you want to pre-run the race course (a 25k loop), there is a group doing that on January 30th. Send an email to Andrea @ Epic Endurance and she can hook you up with the group. (I'll be in Miami.)