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So, I don't think that the majority of people understand the importance that the crowds and spectators play in an athlete on Ironman day. I am one of those people-- till now.

I knew that having my family and friends there to support me would mean the world, but I didn't expect to be so moved and motivated from the rest of the people - complete strangers - but I was. There were signs along the course, chalk painted, shirts worn, people dressed up-- everything you could possibly think of to help the athletes smile and/or be motivated to continue. And it worked.

I thought I would share with you some of the signs I saw that stuck with me:

There will be a day when you can no longer do this. Today IS NOT that day. At the start before we entered the water.

Bike like you stole it. Towards the start of the bike.

I am a COMPLETE STRANGER and I am really proud of you. On the bike and on the run.

Ironmen are Sexy. But IRONWOMEN are sexier. On the bike and on the run.

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Chalked on an uphill on the run.

If you are going through hell, KEEP GOING. On a hill on the bike and on miles 12 and 25 of the marathon.

Packer win 27-20. Just made me happy!

Internet results are forever. Mile 22 turnaround. Sounds vain, but it actually motivated me to get faster till the end.

About 200 yards from finish line.

Not only were the signs amazing, but the people dressed up. I saw gladiators, guys in pink bikini bottoms, big girl panties, cow suits-- just about everything you can imagine. If you can, cheer for the athletes by name (their names are on their bibs). And if you are an athlete, consider putting your name on your shirt. My bib got all ripped up and would have liked to hear people rooting for me by name.

Anyways, to all the random people out there that are there for "their" athletes, know that you have affected us all and thank you! Your support totally helped me (and I am sure many others) get through the day.

To my own super-spectactular Spectathletes, I love you and more on you later. :)


kiwi said...

These are awesome!! I can see how it would be that little extra push at each one...

kiwi said...

These are awesome!! I can see how it would be a motivating chuckle along the way. I love the 'today is not that day'. You are going to be the coolest little old chick having completed this. I will aim to be a trollied little spectathlete hollering at people in my lifetime..