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The Echo

Very few triathlon blogs have a post devoted to a bar. Maybe none. But this one does...

Anyways, many months ago, I was talking to a lifelong friend and she asked me "what motivated me continue to do my workouts every day". Hmm??? It was weird because I just was. I was/am very motivated to go out and workout everyday to attain my goal.

I thought about it and thought about it. Why was I doing this? And, to be honest, I am not really sure. To this day, I am STILL not very sure other than the desire to complete our goal.

I will say that what I thought about was: The Echo.

Now, what is The Echo? The Echo is a small sports bar in Madison. Ironically, it has been a part of both Ross and mine lives-- as singles and as married folk. As singles, Ross spent way more time than I there, but even as we dated and later married, The Echo is where we celebrated many happy occasions.
Ross' 30th birthday party. The Troy and Justin (bartenders) lifting him up behind the bar. Yes, that's hair on his head.

Our wedding day.

Us inside, pouring shots for EVERYONE. Classy, I know.

Going away parties (3 of them)-- this is the last one, on our way to Colorado.

It's also where:
- I ran to/from on my long runs for my first marathon. Johnny served me kiddie cocktails when I was done.
- We attended a Festivus party, later that night, Ross proposed.
- We head before/after Badger basketball and hockey games.
- We planned our IM from over burgers and cocktails, September 7, 2008.

It's been 8 years since we have lived in Madison, but we still continue to love the place, the bartenders and clientele. Some things will never change and one of them is the Echo--if you have spent any amount of time in this bar over time, you will agree.
Troy and Johnny, two of our two favorite bartenders.

So, why did I think about The Echo? Because that is where we plan to be after the Ironman-- assuming we are still coherent and all. :) It's not that we want to dart off after the race to start drinking, but it is where we hopefully plan to finish what we started.

Getting there symbolizes accomplishing our goal. Doing what we set out to do. AND, it keeps us grounded. We're just two peeps from good-ole Madison, and we want to remember the good times the way we always have.

So, find us THERE September 12, 2010. As IRONMEN. :)


Karri said...

I would love to say cheers to you there after you make your goal!!!!