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Ironfan Party

So, I hinted before we left that we wanted to do something for everyone who supported us over the year... so we decided to have a party.

The party was meant to help share the experience of the day with our friends here that couldn't be there, but more importantly to THANK everyone for their support. Seriously, we have an amazing support system out here and we didn't want them to think we didn't appreciate it. Additionally, it was our way of making up for not being able to always go out late, go camping, drink, etc. due to impending workouts/races/just being plain tired this past year.

Made signs for everyone coming to the party--much like the ones that we see when racing.

And a finish line...

And a recap of our year in pictures:

And a few friends:

It was a great night, just sad I didn't take more pictures-- too much time spent gabbing, drinking and catching up! Thanks to everyone who supported us this past year and for everyone who came last night. Awesome time with great friends-- you'll never know how much it has meant to us!

It was the perfect ending to our Ironman year!