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Tweet, tweet.

Hey, everybody, I did it. I signed up for a Twitter account. Click on the birdie above to follow us.

While I don't plan to be an avid Twitter'er (I am sure there is a more tech-savvy, hip name for Twitter users, I just don't know it. How uncool am I?), anyways, I did it because some people out here expressed wanting to follow us on race day-- and those were also people who are pretty unfamiliar with athlete tracker (Ginger...).

For those of you who don't know Twitter, there are two ways you can use it to get updates.

If you want to follow us online on race day:
Log onto:
and look for updates on September 12th about how we are doing. You don't have to sign-up for anything, just log-on intermittently during the day and see how we are doing. I will have my sister doing the updating.

**If you would like to have updates sent to your mobile:**
- Go to Twitter.
- Click on "sign-up". Create an account for yourself. It's free!
** You will have to add your cell phone number in when you are creating the account if you want to be notified via text messages. You may have to confirm your number via text message with Twitter.
- After you have created an account, go to
- Click on the "+Follow" button and you will be added.
- Once you are a follower, click on this button:
Without clicking this, you will not get updates sent to your phone.

- NOW, whenever Stacey *tweets* on race day, you will receive a message of where we are, how we are doing, etc.

Only 8 days left!!!