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Thank You

Just this past Thursday, I had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in... well over a year (hence, before even signing up for IM). During lunch, Wendy told me how she had been reading my blog and how she was really rooting for us. This made me smile inside and out.

So then yesterday, I went into my favorite local running store today to pick up some nutrition and the manager there (Marissa) got it for me and commented about how Ironman was coming up and we continued to have a short conversation about IM, training, future goals, etc. Ahhh...

Both instances meant the world to me and I realized how much I depend on the support and encouragement of those around me.

This blog was started because I knew that I would need the support of my family to make it through this past year and to get to the starting line for Ironman. Being so, I wanted my family to be able to know what we (Ross and I) were going through. I wanted them to feel invested in our journey and to share the experience with them, so when race day comes, they are more than just spectators. And they know that they (along with all of you) have helped us complete our goal.

For many people, especially my fam, triathlon is not their thing. I believe that, I know that, I am not even sure it is my "thing". I know the majority of people will not experience it first hand. Thus, our goals and this blog, have become my way of sharing it.

The funny thing is, I started this blog for my family, but not sure if they even read it. That's ok with me for a couple of reasons. (1) The amount of support and caring that my family has shown me over this past year has told me that they care and will be there for me- whether they read this or not. And (2) enough friends have commented that they read it to make it worthwhile for me to continue. I hope that it entertains, inspires, whatever, just stirs up some emotion. :) While I wish there were more comments left on here so I know that it is not all falling on deaf ears, I have gotten some verbal feedback that peeps are reading, so I gotta believe...

So, anyways, what this posting was about was my big way of saying THANK YOU to you for all of your support out there. I know it is impersonal and hard to do it this way, but I want you to know if you have so much as asked me about Ironman (or any of our races) this past year, I appreciate it and it has made this journey so much better.

For those of you in Madison that plan to see us, we look forward to sharing our day with you. Your support before, during and after is immeasurable. And hopefully we can thank you properly with our love (a little surprise) and a little bit of post-race celebration. :) And for those of you out here in Denver, believe me, we have something in the works for when we get back to properly thank you, too-- Randi-style.

So, till then: THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. (That will have to do for now.)



Bret said...

I personally loved your blog. As a beginner triathlete, I've learned a lot and I've enjoyed the ride, pun intended. Good luck in Wisconsin!

Julie said...

I have really enjoyed your blog. One of my favourite posts was about your experience at the velodrome. You have accomplished amazing things in the past year. Anyways, GOOD LUCK at Ironman. I will be sending you good thoughts from this side of the world!