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Today was a rough day. Not necessarily because the workout was hard. Well, it wasn't easy, but I have had worse. But mentally and physically it was HARD.

It actually started yesterday with me whinging to my coach that, "could I just have a rest day and do my run on Wednesday". To which he said I could have my rest day on Wednesday, but he really wanted me to run and swim tomorrow (which is today). OUCH! I wasn't sure I even had it in me to run (tired legs), and he wanted me to swim and run. But, I sucked it up. I felt like I pleaded my case, but at the end of the day, I hired him for a reason, so I should listen to what he says. So I did.

The swim was actually pretty nice. I had a good workout that worked my endurance without taxing my legs too much. Then I hopped in the hot tub and did some stretching.

In the afternoon, I set out for my run. From the beginning I knew it would be hard. I literally ran out of the house, down the street, turned around, ran back in the house, grabbed my phone and told Ross, "I better take this in case you have to come get me", and off I went. And here is where everything that could go wrong did.

Nutrition. Lately, I have been experimenting with different foods on the run. So today it was peanut butter on tortillas cut up into pieces. I had one bite right as I was heading out the door, just for a taste. What a mistake. 10 minutes in I was nauseous... and I stayed that way for the next 15 miles. When I took in water, it only made me want to yak more. Great.

Wind. It was horrible, in your face, whipping around you type of wind that is relenting. Gotta love Springtime in Colorado.

Tired. Just plain old legs-not-feeling-so-snappy. On top of that, my heart rate was pretty elevated at a slow pace and I felt like I am working too hard to be going this slow.

But, here's the kicker. I got her done. That's what I needed to do. I suffered through. Not every day is going to be peaches and roses. Today certainly wasn't. I was spent, tired and pretty miserable for a good part of 2.5 hours. It stunk. BUT,  as a good friend told me last year --
"It's those bleep-bleep, long training days that pay dividends on race day. "
And I don't doubt it is true. I had plenty of those long training days and my results come race day were exactly what I wanted them to be.

So here are things to remember in the middle of a hard training day if you start to doubt yourself/your fitness/your training/your ability to complete your race (I've doubted them all):
- You (hopefully) will not be experimenting with anything new on race day.
- Use this experience so in the future, you can say to yourself "I've run x miles on more tired legs than this, I can do this."
- You will have adrenaline on your side on raceday.
- You (may) have altitude (or lack of) on your side.
- Whatever adverse conditions you are experiencing, remember they only make you stronger.
- You will not be swimming/biking/running/whatever on a tired body on raceday (like you most likely are in training). You will have tapered. You will be rested. You will be strong.

Here's to one TOUGH training day in the books. Looking forward to a glass (or bottle) of wine tonight and a well-deserved rest day tomorrow.