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Back in the tri life again...

Something weird happens in winter. The days get shorter. The workouts change... and sometimes cease to exist. A lot of people disappear. Taken to the inside by the weather, family, holidays, etc. As the new year kicks off, some people start coming out of the woodwork and by March, well, by golly, it seems like everyone is raring to go.

So, with the start of March, comes the Rocky Mountain Tri Club kickoff. Ross and I joined the RMTC when we first started triathlon. 2 years ago this week, in fact. It has served as an endless resource for information, discounts, support, coaches, advice, workouts and training partners. Oh, yes, and friends. Over the years (all 2 of them), we have gained so much from the club and made relationships that are priceless (can you say IMMOO crew?).

Joey & Kelly & me-- we can't wait for Moab!
Matt & Ross catch up
Michelle & Molly modeling the new RMTC shirts
Elizabeth is still not used to my incessant picture taking
 With Spring right around the corner, it seems like everyone is up for working out and I am excited for my "new" schedule. After training primarily by myself (or with Ross) for... years, I am excited about the fact that I will now be doing some of my workouts with others.

Among other things, my new schedule includes:
Mondays-- hills with Tawna! Any other takers on hill repeats in the A-town???
She will keep me in check. (We may be dressed a little differently come Monday.)
Tuesdays-- HRCA Tri-masters.
I tell you, if there is one thing that gets you out of the bed at 4:40
in the morning, it is meeting these fools in the water.
Thursdays-- Distance with my tri-nutty buddies
The comedic value of these friends will make the time go faster. Or so I am hoping.

Sundays-- Runners Roost runs (from the Aurora store). 
Getting ready to run on a Sunday morning with our fearless leader, Keith, making announcements ahead of time.
On top of that, the kids have expressed wanting to do yoga with us. They last about 5 minutes, but it is still fun to include them.
H & L practicing their tree pose

So, as the winter goes away and training picks up, I am excited to not be going it alone. As some of you know, after IMMOO, I lost my training partner. Yes, Ross has retired from IM training until... further notice. Rest assured, he is still partaking in a number of activities-- bowling, beer-making, biking, to name a few. I still have his devoted love and support, although I don't have him to suffer through with me on the long days. For that, I am now depending on you all. :)