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RMTC Moab Spring Training: Day Two

Day two started with....ARCHES NATIONAL PARK. Third trip to Moab, first trip to Arches. Definitely not one to miss.
Jen, Maria and I-- ready to roll!
We started behind the group and really wanted to have a chilaxing day- well, as much as you can on this ride. I warned Jen I took a lot of pictures, to which she said "I am cool with stopping for pictures." Little did she know, I don't really stop for pictures.

Now, I was told that there was 10 miles of climbing, then all was good, so when I saw the first ascent into the park, I wasn't that surprised.
Going into the park-- UP.
And more UP.
The climbing was hard (especially since I hadn't done any since last summer) but the views were AMAZING, so it made it all worth it.

After awhile, we reached Balanced Rock.
Considering this is a national treasure (and we wanted to make sure we weren't lost),
we stopped for the picture.
Shortly after, we turned off to go to the windows section.
Here there were a bunch of cool formations that were, you guessed it, windows.
 We hit ten miles and were still going up (and some down) so I realized that "it can't be all down after 10", as we were doing a 50 mile out and back-- sometimes ignorance is bliss.

From there, it was down to Delicate Arch. Evidently, you have to hike to see the delicate arch, picture. Robbed.

And then it was up, up, up to Devil's Playground.  
Again, more really cool rocks. It was here that we kinda caught up with some people and it was fun to be part of a group again. As we made our way down, up, and then down again, I tried to snap some more cool pictures. Note: The day was overcast, so these pictures don't do the scenery justice.
Looking back on Arches

Patty & Charley leading the charge home.
Kelly's favorite rocks (and Joey's IMMOO bum)
I love the mountains!

So, I thought nothing could top THAT ride. It was gorgeous and... exhausting. But I was wrong!!!

I got back to the hotel and loads of people were (a) done for the day or (b) going out for a short run. I, on the other hand, had a 90-minute run. I was supposed to do it later in the day, but I felt like if I didn't go then, then I wasn't going to go. So I refueled and off I went.

I was less than excited since my directions for the run since they had me on a paved road for most of it. Not too crazy about paved roads these days, especially in a place with so many trails. So about a mile into my run, I spotted a trail and off I went. It was pretty fun stuff and took me up a hill, then I realized I was running on private land, so I exited...before I got shot. Back on my paved road, I got a little farther and whoolah! Another trail. This one was public land and just said motorized vehicles were not to enter that way. Not a motorized vehicle, off I went!
The trail is calling me...
 Once on my trail, my mood immediately changed. It was like an adventure. Up, down, around. I saw a trail that went UP, so I took it.
"Come run up me!" this trail is shouting!
 At the top it was kind of a "make your own trail" system, so I did.
Me on top of the world... or at least on top of Moab.
 Then, for the sake of not getting lost-- or falling off-- I went back down and continued more on my designated trail till I hit 50 minutes. Sad I was heading home, I still enjoyed the views going the opposite way.
THIS is why you should come to Moab-- SO BEAUTIFUL!
I got back to the hotel absolutely DONE for the day and ready for a glass of wine. I was happy as can be for my little adventure... knowing it wouldn't be my last this weekend!