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RMTC Moab Spring Training: Day One

A lot of people were curious-- Moab, again? Yes. It really has become one of my favorite places over the past two years... and I haven't even touched on all that there is to do there. It is a haven for running,  camping, atv'ing, mountain biking, sight seeing, anything. (My favorite being trail running.) My in-laws even had to come back twice within two years from Wisconsin- they loved it that much. It is gorgeous and just had my heart the first time I came with Beth and the crew.

So when my plans to race the Buffalo Run (a race I was really looking forward to on the same weekend) fell through, I asked Charley if I should do Moab. Why, of course. Yay, for me. So, here is how the weekend started off. Three girls, three bikes and one SUV FILLED with stuff.
Our smiling faces as we head off to Moab
Stoked and excited, off we went through the mountains. The plan was to get to Grand Junction and stop to ride the Colorado Monument ride there. We got there and winds were a gusting 40 mph + it was spitting some rain. Yuck. We opted for the Irish pub instead.
Lunch - done.
 As we headed out from Naggy McGee's, it had cleared up and the sun had come out. It would have been perfect for a ride, had our bellies not been filled with fried food and beer. Bummer. ONTO MOAB!

Rolling into Moab, the sun was out and we decided to hit up a ride before we even got to the hotel with Nina, Charley and Patty.

First ride was on Potash Road, just north of town. It was the perfect first ride-- a *little* protected by wind, gorgeous and no real climbing. The ideal way to get my legs under me for the weekend.
Starting off in the shadows is always kinda cool

Sun peeking out as we rode along

Probably my favorite picture of this day-- love being surrounded by God's creations!

Halfway Picture
Heading home
More fun on the bike

I was trying to get a picture of Charley, and did, kinda...

Sun setting...
The ride ended where we started and I was happy the weekend to have gotten on its way. I knew this was just a taste of what was to come and so excited about that. Despite my intense desire for a trail run, we opted for the hotel instead. We checked in, got showered, settled, had a bottle of wine and then off to meet up with the other RMTC'ers for more food and fun at McStiffs. It was the beginning to a fun weekend!

Note: as awesome as I am at taking pictures on the bike & run, I really slacked at the social photos. (ie, where is the pict of McStiffs?) Will get better at that... or maybe just *borrow* some off of Facebook?


MoabUtah said...

Hey Moab has a triathlon May 13 -15 2011 weekend. First annual by triutah. Thought you'd like to know.