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Denver KIDS ROCK!!! Race Report

After a year of us racing, it was time for Hunter and Lincoln to strut their stuff... and boy were they excited.

We signed them up for Kids Rock Denver, which is the kid's race associated with the Rock'n Roll Denver Marathon and Half-Marathon. For the last month the kids have been talking about it a lot. At first, they thought it was a swim, bike, run race and their little hearts were let down learning they "only" got to run. But we promised them a kid's tri next year-- to which Hunter asked, "But, mom, who will coach me?" Me, of course.

To make the kid's have an extra-special race, I made them each t-shirts that said, "Cheer for me, I am (kid's name)". I got this idea from a tri-friend who said her mom did it for her and it always lifted her spirits to have people cheering for her by name. So, here are our little athletes, showing off their shirts and smiles.

Once we heard that the "kindergarten division" was ready, they grouped the kids and had a little organized stretching.

The volunteers did a great job at keeping the kid's occupied and lining them up at the start line.

Ronald greeting the kids at the start line!

All the "kindergartner division" ready to go!

Then it was time to run.
The gun goes off-- actually, they just said "go!"

Brendan, Hunter and Lincoln run by!

The race was 1/2 mile total. They ran up the street, turned around and came back. We got some better shots of the kids coming back.
Brendan booking it back.

Run, Brenny, Run!

Determination is written all over Hunter's face.

The end is in sight for Lincoln.

Here comes TYLER!!!

And Dana and Alaina are sweeping the course!

Laney loves her fans! (Dana, too)

Once they were all done, the kids got medals and lots of nutritious goodies (sponsored by McDonalds???). We sat down in some grass, had a picnic and they played for a few awhile on this perfect "fall" day (it was in the 70's!). They LOVED the whole experience and I will say RnR puts on a pretty good kid's run.

Lincoln, Hunter, Alaina and Brendan with their medals.

Evidentally, the Denver Examiner thought our kids were pretty cute, too, and featured them in their slideshow.


Amy McDowell said...

Dude, what an AWESOME idea to make them all shirts!!! I am totally stealing your idea for the HR Turkey Day race, and will volunteer to make shirts for Hunter, Lincoln and whoever else decides to show up (umm, me too?!) hee hee. Drew will be sooooo excited if your boys race with him in HR!!!!

Randi said...

AMY!! How 'bouts I just pick up another shirt and iron on a decal for Drew and add him to the bunch? No need to make a bunch more shirts. :)