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Was lost, but now is found...

If you don't have one of these, you need to get one: a good massage therapist.

Most people look at a massage as a luxury. Something extra and fluffy for when you have extra time and extra money to just spend away.

And, I will admit, I used to be in that crowd as well. But not anymore, oh no.

I started getting some massage after having my second child (within 15 months of the first) at the request of my chiropractor. My chiro wrote down exactly what muscles she wanted the massage therapist to work on and it helped ease some of the back pain. Boy, did it help.

Then I continued on when I started running really long again after said second baby and my back was still a little bit out of whack. Immediately I realized how massage could help but only if you either (a) voiced exactly where you were having pain or tightness or (b) HAVE A GOOD THERAPIST.

I can't tell you the amount of times I have gone to a therapist and, despite my ability to articulate where I wanted relief, I didn't get it. They need to be able feel it and relieve it. And be able to work deep enough in the muscle to get to/relieve the tightness. Not to mention the fact that when you are having pain in one part of your body (like your back), it is usually attributed to tightness in a different part of your body (like glute).

Sidenote: If you are reading this and live in Green Bay, you might want to consider going to see Luke Van Gheem at Power Stroke Massage. I felt like he was really in tune with my muscles and knew what to concentrate on without my even needing to tell him. Plus, very reasonable rates (not necessarily a necessity, but always a plus!)

Anyways, so I think I somewhat forgot the importance of this the last couple of months. See, we got this random email from the massage studio we were going to that stated that, as of that day, they were closed due to complications with the building manager. Huh? Ok, but where did my massage therapist go? Since the studio was part of a chain, it referred all of its clients to another location-- where my massage therapist happen to not work.

Hmph. Time to find a new guy/girl. Great. So, I kinda put it off. I went to see my hubby's massage therapist, but not the right fit for me. So, I put it off. I set up an appointment for a *free* massage I won, but they were so booked out the appointment is not until next month. So, without being in any immediate pain, I continued just doing a lot of work with my foam roller.

UNTIL, I ran into my massage therapist on a night out. Yay! Drunken coincidence or the Divine intervening? I'll choose the latter. It was just what I needed, but I didn't even realize it.

So, he gave me his new card and I went to see him yesterday. Oh man, do I feel relieved. My body that is. It was painful, oh yes it was. But all of my effective massages are that way, you need to press on the muscles to loosen them. But, they never hurt after (at least not the ones when done right).

And I feel a million times better today. A gazillion. And I didn't even realize that I needed it, until it was done. Which is why I say if you don't have a good massage therapist-- GET ONE! You don't know what you are missing until you have someone who can work your muscles just right to relieve them without hurting you. Additionally, it helps a million times over in injury prevention and body maintenance.

Where as I used to look at massage as a frivolity, I now find it a necessity.

**If you are in the Denver area and want to book mine, email me and I will give you his number. He works in Englewood and is so inexpensive. Or you can email Stephen directly.