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Mojave Run Pictures!

Details of this trip are posted: Pre-Run: here Run: here
I just got my camera back, so here are the pictures that go with the postings above. *** There may be some pre-run duplicates


Greeted by this- awesome.

Nicole and I popping our In-N-Out cherry.

Simply delicious, but probably not the best pre-run nutrition. Oh well.

Let's drive through the desert.

Cool Vegetation

Me and a Joshua Tree

Can't forget Route 66


My support team- Sid and Marcie

And I am off...

2 Miles in, I found my powerline. I would follow this line 33 miles from here.

Looking around (mostly back). Just pretty.

It got kinda rocky at parts

I think this is mile 10, where I saw my first downhill.
Don't worry, there were plenty uphills after.

That spec is me running.

More dessert.

Amboy Crater

Powerline went right through the lava field, and so did I.

All done!!! 35 down. I am happy.

POST-RUN (for me) – SUNDAY
Heading out so Andrea, Nicole, Keith and Karie can run. No more running for me this weekend.

More cool vegetation where they are running.

I got to play support person (rest) while they ran.

All done running. Us geeking it up at the Hoover Dam.

I waited all weekend to see this mermaid and she finally showed up!
My trip is complete.


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