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Calling All Warrior & Warriorettes!

Ok, so this one, I have to give to Beth, who emailed out a link to an incredibly cool race taking place in August.

Immediately, I knew we couldn't pass it up.

I mean crawling through the mud,
hustling over hay bales, tunneling through tubes of terror and even jumping over fire.

All with the hopes and ambitions, of being awarded, YES, the ultimate prize--
a fuzzy warrior helmet... and some BEER. :)

So, we put it on our calendars and thought "we'll tell some people, see who is up for it and sign up for this later".

But, NO! We then realized that it is a wave start and the earlier you sign up the earlier your wave (hence, the more time to drink and party after).

And WHO doesn't want to celebrate their warriordom once awarded?
We know where our priorities are. At least in a race like this.

So, we signed up. Ready to become warriors (and warriorettes). The more I told people, the more interest I got. And we are totally open for more people to join in the fun with us. Consider this your open invitation to sign-up and come along!

So who, pray tell, is crazy enough to go with us? Well, so far there is:

Ean-the-Instigator. He double-dog-dared Lee-Anne to sign-up when she was inebriated. Not only is he cunning, but he is working out like a crazy for this and planning on wearing a kilt for the event. To top it off, he's doing it sober. Madman.

Warrioress Lee-Anne (aka the kiwi).

She may not look fierce, but watch out! She has got fire and wit in her like you wouldn't believe. Plus, don't you think she would make the perfect warrior woman with those long locks in braids.

Relentless Ross and Ryan-the-Unstoppable Don't let this picture fool you. They may look like easy-going fellas, but Ryan has been all over the P90X since this photo was taken. He's gonna bring it fo' shizzle.

Andrea or maybe we should call her Andreas (which is translated as Warrior-- no lie).
**Andrea appears prim and proper, but this is just a picture.**

Me and Rampagin' Renee. I can't wait to see this girl get down and dirty. I see mud wrestling in our future.

So have I convinced you yet?
Here are more details:
Copper Mountain
Saturday, August 21
Free beer, warrior medal and warrior helmet at the finish.

Ross, Randi, Lee-Anne and Ean are currently in the 2:00 wave
Renee, Andrea and Ryan are in the 2:30 wave
Waves are filling up, so sign-up quick!

Stuff about the actual race, click here. Or more specifically here.

Did I mention they have a costume contest? We are so going to rock this race!