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Santa Came Early!

Since having kids, we have started a rule - NO CHRISTMAS BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Basically, because between November 25th and December 25th ALL we hear about it Santa, toys, Christmas, etc. I know the average person can be overwhelmed with all of the holiday hubbub -- imagine that being repeated over and over (and over) in your household by two little voices continuously for a month. That's my life. And that's where the rule has evolved from.

So, this year, it appears I broke my rule... twice. (And I am kind of excited about it.)

The first time was with the kids, Ross and the Atwells. We enjoyed dinner along with a {gulp} Christmas parade (complete with Santa), a tree lighting, carolers, carriage riding and hot chocolate. It was the perfect night to "get into the season" - it was just a week earlier than I wanted it.
Waiting for the parade - so EXCITED to see Santa!

 Thankfully, there has not been too much collateral damage. With the arrival of my parents for Thanksgiving, the kids have been focused on them and not the jolly, old fat man. Whew! 
They even made a list for Thanksgiving

With that out of the way, I thought I was well on my way to celebrating Thanksgiving with the family, when... Santa stopped by with a gift for me!
A brand, spanking new tri bike! With everyone focused on the holidays coming, their season being over, etc, etc. it appears to be an opportune time to shop for new bikes and great deals. So, with the help of Charley, I sought out a prelim fit to see what bikes might be a good fit for me, did some shopping around and ended up with a smokin' deal from Josh at TriBella and a fit to match! To justify the cost, it will be my Christmas present (and then some), so I thought it was again worth "breaking my rule" and letting Santa visit a little early. ;)

I am so excited about the bike and think it will be the perfect thing to motivate me to get through the winter season and training for IMCDA.  Ross has even made a special spot for it in the basement.
It already feels at home. ;)
So... I guess it is OK for Santa to come once or twice before the gobble, gobbler.