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On the injured list?

I have been training for the Rock Canyon Half Marathon for awhile now... I knew I needed another goal to get me through the past couple of months. So, a half marathon it was.

I am not sure if I voiced this at all, but I injured my hamstring in August. I spent the 3 weeks leading up to Harvest Moon swimming, biking and elipticalling. It was torture. Then I raced on an owy of a hamstring, but it was my last race of the season, so I plugged through it and did what I could. It was nowhere near the race I wanted it to be, but it was what it was.

After HM, I rested and stretched and eased back into running and I thought my hamstring issues were over. 

HOWEVER, this past weekend my hammy flared up again while running. Great. But, we did 11 miles, and I could have done 2 more, so I figured all was good for the race this weekend. I would just fight through it when it started to ache.

Fast forward to this morning and my track workout. Straight up pain when I tried to run fast. So much that I cut my workout down by more than half (and that is SOOOO not like me).

Now I have a decision to make. To race or not to race. I still have to talk to Charley about it. And I am seeing my dr. in the morning tomorrow. But, all I can say is.... This. Really. Stinks.