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My OFF season

So... it seems appropriate that pretty much my last blog was Harvest Moon - a whopping 7 weeks ago.

I told myself after Harvest Moon, I was taking some time off... and I did. It is the first time in close to 3 years that I haven't been thinking and training for the "next" race. It's not that I don't have some races on my schedule - I do - it's just that I was allowing myself some time to recover, not do too much and take life day by day, not workout by workout.

Planning my workouts went like this: Me: Jane, do you wanna run in the morning? Jane: Sure, how 'bout Cherry Creek? Me: ok. OR Me: Patty, do you wanna bike? Patty: Yes, Wednesday looks like good weather. Me: See you Wednesday. OR Me: AH, I hate this computer. Ross: Go for a run. Me: OK, see you in an hour. You get the drift. And, while I was worried about losing some of my level of fitness, it was quite refreshing at the same time not to have to concentrate on anything other than enjoying it.

And boy did I enjoy it.

Here are some highlights. Well, the tri/running-related ones.
Kicking off my planning for the next year with an IMCDA BBQ.

Yep, I signed up for another Ironman with these characters... and a few others not pictured here.
(They were probably off training.)

Running in the rain at the "Running of the Buffalo".
Me and Charley (coach and race director)
Even won me a Buffalo.
 Coolest. Award. Ever.

Pacing Todd in his 100-miler. YES! 100 miles. I was responsible for keeping him happy/running miles 57-71ish. A very cool experience and I was glad I got to share it with him.
What better way to distract/occupy a runner than by taking pictures. Even if it was pitch black
as we ran through the night.
So, here I sit. I've got one more weekend, till my life returns to a schedule. Well, a workout schedule... I've actually learned a lot by taking some time off. Mostly about time management. By not having a schedule set out for me, I made some choices of my own and learned a lot... In particular, I have learned that I have my father's over-working tendencies. If given the time, I will work, work, work, non-stop! (And be happy about it.) I run my own murder mystery party business - with plenty of work that "can" be done - so it is easy to do. Plus, I love what I do! Having a workout schedule does (and will) balance me out more. A schedule "forces" (for lack of a better word) me to stop working and pay attention to my health and my athletic ambition. So while I enjoyed my time off, I am certainly looking forward to getting back to training on Monday.

A month ago, I don't think I would have thought this... Enjoying my time "off" too much. But now, now it is time to get back to business - and I don't mean the murder mystery kind. :)