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CRMBT: Day 2. Up, up, up. Down, down, down.

Knowing that this is for real, I looked at Day 2's agenda. I know, most people would have studied this prior to signing up... but I felt like since I didn't have much to compare it to, I wouldn't really know the difference. Anyways, Day 2 involved 2 passes-- Swan Mountain and Loveland Pass. Loveland Pass-- really? We ski by that pass. Actually, we ski BELOW that pass. I am going to be biking that high? Well, ok, I'll try.

The day started out kinda cloudy, which was nice, since it kept away the heat. Swan Mountain is a shorter, steeper climb, so we all kind of separated right away.

View off to the left while climbing Swan Mountain

View straight ahead

We had all kind of separated on the climb and coming down, I was colder than ever. I felt like I couldn't wait because I didn't want to get chilled, so I continued onto Keystone.

Riding through Keystone was beautiful and where the sun came out.
It is also where I got lost. If there is one area that the CRMBT can improve on it is signage and directions. There were many people that got lost at many different points in the ride-- not just me. Anyways, it was kind of good I got lost because by the time I found my way back, I got to hook-up with the rest of the group. Yay!

So, we continued on through Keystone, went a few more miles before passing this:8 miles of pure climbing. Great. Well, this will be a warm-up for tomorrow, I thought. (28 mile climb.) Luckily, there was an aid station a mile after this. We re-grouped and I told myself "just" 7 more miles.

So I went and I went and I went. I saw people pull off and take breaks. I thought about it, but then I thought I might not start up again. So, I continued on. I passed A-Basin, where we ski, and thought it was only going to get worse. I have driven over the pass and the switchbacks had to be the worst part. Ironically, when I got there, they weren't. They only seemed easier than what I had gone through. Hallelujah! So, up, up, up I went. I could see the end. Well, kind of. I knew where it was. Just up there.We passed that bend and there was still about the longest mile I had ever ridden (until the next day). But, I was excited, I was at treeline. That means 12,000 feet baby! I looked at my Garmin, which read just over 12,000 and I was happy.

Me at the top

More proof we made it!

Then it was time to DOWNHILL! This part was really fun for me. Like I said, I have been over this pass and the other side was gonna be an awesome ride! And down I went, making sure not to hit any deer on my way (seriously).

After the initial descent, we went on I-70 for a few miles then exited. I waited there for Jane and Bill to come along. We continued riding to Georgetown and stopped there for some food and drink. It was a cute town and we figured why hurry up to wait for our hotel rooms to open up? So, we found some other bikers and a nice outdoor cafe to eat at. Yum. Just what I needed. Nourishment.
"Which way to food?"

After lunch it was another ten miles or so to Idaho Springs, our final destination for the day. It was time to settle in for the day. I met Sue at our hotel just outside of town. We went for some drinks, appetizers and later met up with a bunch of the group staying at our hotel for dinner.
They were awesome and had traveled from all over to be there. They were all pretty much rock stars on their bikes.

Another good day of climbing in the books. Steeper and longer, but I knew nothing like what we had to look forward to. The following day we would be climbing Mt. Evans (if we so chose to) and that had me nervous. Still, I enjoyed my time at dinner and we settled in for a good night's sleep.


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Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down the page and saw my face in the picture from the El Rancho restaurant! Very cool.

It's Jamie here - the fellow in the orange shirt, sitting beside his lovely wife in red, Bonnie. We're the ones who travelled from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was really nice to meet all of you Wisconsonians, transplanted Wisconsonians, and folks from other places!

Your comment about some of us being 'rock stars on bikes' made me blush a little. I dunno about that... Maybe a 'bar band toiling in obscurity on the club circuit' would be a bit more apt. But we do have fun, and that's the most important thing.

And it was great to read in one of your other posts that you made it up Mount Evans. It was quite the beast, wasn't it?

Anyway, cheers, and best of luck in your Ironman! (Talk about rock stars... Holy moley, I could NEVER do that...)