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Hey COW!!!

On a lighter note to my last post, despite my fears in starting and completing the ride, I do have to admit, I had an EXCELLENT game of "Hey Cow!".

What is "Hey Cow!" you ask? It is a car game my friend, Lorynne, taught me that I have transformed into a riding game.

Next time you are on a long car/bike ride, when you pass a cow field, you shout out "Hey Cow!" and see how many cows turn to look at you. That is the number of points you get. If playing by yourself, you count your points. If playing with someone else, you alternate fields to see who gets the most points.

Luckily for me, the cows were out last Thursday and I got a whopping 42 points! My Hey Cow! all-time high! A PR, if you will.


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