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Recovery Week

It's true that last week WAS NOT the optimal time to throw in a recovery week if training for IMCDA. But... sometimes life is more important than training. {Did I just say that? Yes. Good. I guess I am not completely Type-A. Hallelujah!!!} While others were racing and putting in the miles, I was on a beach or in a pool or ocean thousands of miles away.

Even though most would think a trip to the Dominican Republic would serve as a distraction, I made the most of it, while staying somewhat "inline" with my training.

I was sure to stay hydrated the whole time.
See all the straws/cups in our party float.
Ate and/or drank a lot of fruit.
The resort made it easy for us serving fruity drinks INSIDE of fruit.
(Stace modeling a Pina Colada. She swore it was pineapple juice. I had to tell her different.)
Got plenty of time in the water.
Swimming with the fishes. Literally.
And some sharks....
That's me - Grabbing onto the dorsel fin of a nurse shark and getting taken for a ride!
 As well as spent some time above the water.

There are some shots of me in the pool. 
Or maybe that is shots of us doing shots in the pool.
 But the best part about it was seeing my sister so happy with her new mate in life!
He'll fit right in to our clan.
Well worth the week off!