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Comfort zone. And why I need to extend it.

I saw this diagram a few weeks ago somewhere. It was probably on someone's facebook page, so I apologize if I 'stole' it and am not giving you credit.
The reason I don't remember where I saw it is because I dismissed it thinking it was all too similar to a diagram I would have seen in ad/grad school.  You know "think outside the box", "push your limits", etc. etc.

Coming back from DR, though,  I was feeling a bit behind and bit unsure about my current IM training and I knew I wanted to change that. I thought back to my first IM training and tried to figure out what really made me feel confident and sure and ready of my abilities the first time around. I concluded that I needed to do more of that, whatever that was.

After thinking and thinking, I realized it was stepping outside of my comfort zone that gave me confidence. Doing things I wasn't sure I could do, but hoped I could do. You know, things I was maybe capable of doing, but wasn't certain I could do... I did that over and over (and over) the first time I trained, but for some reason, not this time... I have been getting my workouts in and not really pushing my boundaries. And I figured out that THAT is what needed to change. So I did so this week.
Turned my plain, old century into a climbing century!
(And convinced Heather to do it with me as well!)

Rode Shadow Mountain Loop all BY MYSELF. I am not sure if I am more proud of the fact
that I didn't get lost or that I did it in under 4 hours.
But, in thinking about all this biz, I came to another conclusion and formed my own diagram about comfort zones. One that I hope will motivate me more.

By extending my comfort zone, I am hoping there won't be quite so much distance to travel to "where the magic" happens come race day!