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Boston: Getting Settled...

We got to Boston on Thursday night. Safe and sound. It was a long day of traveling, but that's what you expect when you are going cross country.

Anyways, I wanted to make this trip about the race, but also about family and visiting Boston. Too many times they come to see me race and that's it. And, since I wouldn't be in Boston without them, I wanted to have them there and make this fun for them, too.

So, Friday morning, my parents came and met us in Boston.
My mom and dad with the kids outside of the aquarium.
 After a morning of fishies, penguins and seals -- not to mention our favorite stingray Lincoln named Pancake-- we headed to Quincy market for some lunch.
Lobster roll and clam chowda - yum!
And then it was all about checking in at the expo.
YES!It's official- I'm running!
Hmmmm... will I be accepted into "Pure Running Heaven"?
 Night time was a low-key dinner and off to bed for me and the little folks. What I realized was that I needed to keep off my feet. Walking around the aquarium, the markets and the expo was kind of taxing.

So, we planned a more relaxing day for Saturday. Kicking it off with a sightseeing tour on a duck where the driver, bless his soul, even let the kids drive for awhile.
Linc ready too duck it up - quack! quack!
Hunter at the helm - help us!

Then it was another lunch and off to the finish line. I know that race day will be crazy, crazy with people and I wanted to see it and soak it all in before the big day.
Me and my monkeys
Lincoln scoping out his spot on the grandstands.
Me, Hunter and the finish line
I had to explain to the boys that they wouldn't be able to run with me to the finish line on race day, which was a big bummer to them (some races let the kids in). So, instead, we had out own finish line racing going on.

Me and my pop - the man who introduced me to running by running himself.
 Now that all the finish line fun was done, time for more relaxing... off to the Boston Common.

The swan for our swan boat ride
Yes, first duck boat tours, now swan boat tours.

 And being right around happy hour, we headed over to a pub where we knew everybody'd know our names for a drink.
Can you spot the special marathon brew?
 I love how the whole city gets behind this race. Thank you, Sam Adams.
Dinner = lobster dinner

 Count down to race day = 36 hours...


Jan said...

Looks like y'all are having a blast! So super, crazy excited for you! Good luck, I know you'll do awesome!!!