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Boston: Let the Saga Begin!!!

Actually, maybe the saga began 10 years ago when I ran my first marathon.
I have dropped 1 hour 47 minutes and 20 lbs since that marathon...
Or maybe it is all the races I have run since then.
What I found when I was looking for picture above
Or maybe it was when I actually DID qualify last year.

Any way you look at it -- Boston is only a few days away!!!!
Next Monday, to be exact. Patriot's Day which has a whole different meaning to marathon runners.

While to many accomplished runners, this may be just another race, it is not to me. Boston is something I have worked hard for and I want to enjoy it as best I can. Finish strong and with a smile on my face! While elite runners run it to win it, I am running it for the experience of it - from start to finish.

That being said, I made it a point to get to run club this week for the Boston send off, and I am glad I did.

Some of you may have noticed I have been sparse on my photos lately and, even more so, when I am racing. I don't intend to be this time around, so I had to try out my new belt that will house my camera while I run on Monday.

The actual run part of this run served two-purpose:
(1) Run out the nerves with Heather.
(2) Practice my running/picture-taking abilities with my new belt.
Not there yet, needs work.
Much better.
 After that it was water, wine and cake for the post run. I caught up with some friends, heard about kid's graduating soon, new job opportunities and even a new arrival(!!!!) and thought to myself "where have I been"? Oh, that's right off training for an IM. Unfortunately, my bike has taken me away from my diehard run peeps. That's ok, it won't be long before I am back.

Back to the story, then it was time for the Boston send off.  I am so happy to be part of the Runner's Roost community cuz they get it and the fact that all of us had worked hard and they wanted to appreciate it, so we all ventured downstairs.
Roost Run Club and Race Team - Boston Crew 2012
 Along with more wine and cake, we went over some Boston and race day logistics and then got a special treat. Nike had brought us all shirts and a machine to customize whatever we wanted. How AWESOME!!!  I definitely wanted to make a shirt to remember this run and this race by...

What a great way to end the evening and... considering that I am leaving this morning, this was the perfect topper!

So, after months of planning, my bags are packed, the kids are juiced (more for the trip than my race, but I will take whatever excitement I can get out of them) and we are off to the airport in 2 hours time.



Jessie Zurawik said...

Go Randi Go! Can't wait to get updates and hear about your journey. That pic from Houston took me WAY back...reminding me that those were my favorite running shoes of all time, called "Boston" by Adidas. It's a sign that you'll rock this. Have fun!