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One of my favorite pictures

I was cleaning out my office today. I was sure there was a desk under there SOMEWHERE. And, under a bunch of stuff I found it. Along with a ton of other crud, I came across an envelope of pictures. I quickly sorted through them to find this one.
 This was taken on my first (ever) trip to Moab and it is a picture of me with some of my (now) good friends running through what I believe is Hunter Canyon. At the time, we were just mere acquaintances who had shared a car ride and a yearning for a good run. This picture has a lot of what I love about running in it. The beauty, the comradeship and the adventure.

 I guess it is no coincidence that 2+ years later I have only developed a closer bond with some of these runners and we are again embarking on more adventures together.

What's your favorite picture?