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Operation Valentine

I have been busy lately. Really busy. And for most people this is followed by a "woe as me statement" and a small pity party. Not here. I have been busy, but with things I LOVE to do. My family, my work (I work for myself and get to be creative, so yes, I do LOVE it), running, biking, etc. So I have been busy, busy, busy but loving it.

Fast forward to yesterday 3 p.m. I say to Ross, "I have to go run an errand before the kids get home." "What errand?", he asks. Not trying to be nosy, just making conversation. Oh no! BUSTED. Yes, today is Valentines Day and I have done nothing (read: NOTHING) for the man. The love of my life. Who gives SO, SO much to me daily. So I confessed. He admitted he hadn't gotten anything "big" for me either (although flowers were waiting for me when I got home n Sunday and who know what today brings). Regardless, I felt like a schmuck and instead of going to the store to get him a Valentine yesterday, I stayed home since the 'surprise' was gone. Now, I HAD thought ahead to at least ask Ross to get things for the boys, which he had, but no Valentine - which to me is what the holiday is about.

So when I said I was busy and loved it, let me explain. I currently get up around 4-5 a.m. just so I can start working and get a good flow going before the day even begins, then I see the kids up and off to school, get some training in, more work, etc. Yes, that is how strange it is. I start my day that early, just so I can get a lot of work in. It is like instead of a 'runner's high' I am getting a 'creative high' with some of the stuff I am doing. Weird, but good, I feel like. (Some of my latest creations here and here - keep in mind I am not a web designer.)

This morning I awoke at 4:45 just juiced to get going on the day. I roll over and Lincoln had left a valentine under my pillow. How sweet! I made my way down here to my computer and thought, "I have no Valentines for the kids or my husband". I sat down at my computer and started working and then forced myself to stop. Am I really TOO BUSY to get Valentines for my loved ones?

Surely, this work needs to get done, but does it need to get done RIGHT NOW? I went to my basement and pulled out some glue, cardstock and old valentines (think circa 1999) and got going.

Here's what I came up with:

(I made one for Ross, too. Not pictured for personal reasons. ;)

As I worked I contemplated my predicament and came to a few conclusions.
(1) I need to prioritize better. 

I feel like with training, I have a set schedule, so I get things done. But with life, there is no set schedule, so if I don't plan it into my life, sadly, it does not get done. Ross often jokes that we live and die by our planner... and he is right. I have no "set" schedule that says "you must make Valentines for your kids", "You must plan extra special things to do with them on the weekends", "you must blog (because that keeps you balanced)", etc. So, I need to apply those to myself.
Return of the multi-weekly planner
The best part is that it has space for all the aspects, so not one gets forgotten.
And that's the conclusion I came to this morning. 

Yes, I am busy, but at what cost am I busy? And is what I am busy with affecting the other aspects of my life? Just like with training, the time it demands can sometimes put other things (like family time) in jeopardy. Over the years I have come to balance that, so I need to be just as conscience of that as I do with my work. 

How about you? How do you keep your life balanced and sane? Please let me know, since obviously, I am struggling with it.