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Boston: BAA 5K with besties

With Boston on my mind, I asked two of my girlfriends from high school, Allece and Jessie, to meet me out there. We have been friends for many years (obvi) and they have been along on my running journey with me. In fact, it was Jessie who got me to run my first marathon by simply saying “Hey, wanna go on vacation…and we’ll just run a marathon while we are there?” circa 2001. (…and you wonder how I get ‘suckered’ into doing so many things.) And Allece who who sherpa’d me around in Dallas when I qualified for the race. To me, there is not anyone else better to share this experience with than these ladies!
Jess and I running my first marathon - oy! how far we've come!
 We all got there Friday evening and Saturday morning it was the Boston 5k. What a perfect opportunity for us all to be together and “do Boston” I thought, so I talked them into it and signed us all up (months ago).

When we arrived at the Boston Common, and while there were bits of rememberance around, the mood here was light, fun and celebratory. Unlike the memorials I had seen on tv all week, this felt like the kick-off of the marathon events and somehow the somber mood I had observed the previous week had been lifted and replaced with this more optimistic and energetic one.
By the 5k start
In the starting chute, cozing up to a Boston flag!
 Now, due to long work hours (and just buying a new home) Allece hadn’t found time to train, so she insisted that she just support me and Jess while we ran the 5k…but Jess and I wouldn’t have it. We wanted to do this together, so we convinced Allece to join us and we would all walk it (peer pressure at its finest). But as we crossed the start line, Allece started running, so Jess and I ran alongside her. And BAM! Just like that – couch to 5k in 1 day for Allece. SO PROUD of her!

We had a great time as we ran down the streets, checked out Cheers and enjoyed the sights of the brownstones on Beacon Street. The cherry blossoms were in bloom – something none of us get living where we do (Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin) and just enjoyed the run! 
Running by South Church (non-Boylston side)
Running by brownstones and cherry blossoms!
We turned onto Hereford and there was the turn to Boylston—I got so excited. Sitting at the corner was a firetruck with a gorgeous flag and I was struck again how this perfect New England race was forever stronger because of the events of last year. I saw signs of support and pride along Boylston.
Turning onto Boylston
Signs on Boylston

And this is where we, as three, got to cross the marathon finish line!
Boston Strong
 From Boylston, it was back to the Boston Common, where the race ended.
Finish Line stretch
Jess and I stopped for a photo, Allece just kept running till the end!
Done = Winning!
And THIS was the kick-off to a weekend filled with  friendship, running, pride, patriotism and support - for us all!