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New Year. New Vision.

Last year, I did my very first vision board. It was a fun and enlightening experience and it helped me more than I imagined. Knowing this, it has been on my "to-do" list forever. Don't believe me?
Can you find the ONE AND ONLY thing not crossed off? Not to mention, all of the other tasks are pre-Christmas. This struck me the other day as I went to remove it (the post-it) and I reminded myself of what I still needed to do.

I am not entirely sure why I have been avoiding making my board. I know how it helped last year. So what was I avoiding? I think it was because I didn't believe my vision was clear. But I was wrong.

I started sifting through magazines and cutting any and every thing out that appealed to me. Once I had a plethora of images, sayings, etc. It was really easy to decipher what was important (and not important) to me this year in completing my goals.

First off, I guess I felt I had to remind myself what I was doing.

 To get to IMCDA, I figured out what was going to be important to me in getting there.

In this process, I identified that my goals were different this time for training and racing. Unlike my first Ironman, instead of just completing it, I want to focus on it and train to the best of my ability -- embrace it and love it. Not just get through it.

And, of course, there will be races to get there

The whole right side of the board, I dedicated to the actual race itself. To reminding me of my goals in completing and how I wanted to race it.

So, you put it all together and here is what you get:
 A constant reminder of what I am shooting for, and how I am going to get there.

It's hanging in my home office, where I will see it every day from now till June 24th. I am counting on it to be my affirmation as I move along these next few months and my motivation when times are rough to remind me of what I am working for. It worked last year and I am hoping it will work again!