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Think Different.

Steve Jobs passed away last night. Most know him as the pioneer of Apple. And most started noticing Apple about the time they purchased their first ipod. 4-5 years ago? However, Apple (and inevitably Steve) have been a part of my life for the past 16 years. It has been ingrained in me since I went to Best Buy at age 18 and said, "I want to be a designer" and the salesperson said, "then you need a Macintosh" (what Apple was called back then). At first it was the technology, but as I progressed through undergrad and grad school in advertising and studied the philosophies of both the business and the equipment, it moved me, as it did many other advertising individuals of my time.
An oldy, but goody, just to show that Apple has been committed to change from the beginning.

So what does this have to do with triathlon or running? Well, everything comes full circle. I have left advertising, but do not have to leave what it has given me or how I choose to adapt those philosophies and inspiration to what I do today. Thinking different about my training and races improves not only my physical abilities, but my lifts my mental spirits as well. I was just talking with a girlfriend who remembers me from before I got to know her as "the girl who was doing all that crazy training stuff and races". To me, that wasn't crazy, it just was. Thinking differently did not only make me a better creative, but thinking differently in my life continues to make me a better person, friend, wife, mother, and yes, even athlete. 

Here's another spot. THIS ONE YOU HAVE TO WATCH. The above spot is admired by creatives and mac users of old times, but this one, well, this one should resonate with everyone.

It is not that I am out to change the world,  although after watching this commercial, I think that I need to re-evaluate and think differently about that.