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Volunteering Rattlesnake!!!

I opted not to do the Rattlesnake Back2Back due to time commitment, but then I ended up volunteering for the sprint on Sunday so... go figure that one out? Anyways, it was a real fun time I had and volunteering at a race is always a blast.

The morning started out with Keith and Tom and I hanging by the swim beach soaking it all in. The sunrises out at the res are always awesome!
Another awesome sunrise at the res
Chillin' before the chaos begins
Then it was up into transition to start kicking people out and down to the beach. Here I ran into friends, including Michelle and Jon, whom I haven't seen all season. After catching up with them, I took on my volunteering duties and went to the swim beach to help out. Basically, I was letting people know the swim course and when (approximately) to get into the corral.
One of the best lane buddies a girl can have.
After making sure that everyone was safely in the corral, I headed over to the swim exit to lend my expertise in STRIPPING!!!  Get your mind out of the gutter... think this:
I have only been to 3 races with strippers and the other 2 were quite a lot longer distances, so I think that it is a real novelty to have wetsuit strippers at races and I was happy to help out.

And, boy did I have fun. I really do like to feel useful and this was position that allowed me to do so. Knowing the race mentality of some of the more competitive racers, I was all over helping out those who wanted to be quick and speedy. (Michelle even told me I was the best wetsuit stripper she had ever had. What an honor.) I got it down to a science of where to grab on the wetsuit and yanking just so to get the suits off with the least resistance and all.

But then there were also those racers who were stumbling up the beach, depleted after the swim, barely even able to get their wetsuit unzipped. Those racers I slowed down and helped out every which way I could. From unzipping, to helping get their arms out, to pulling it off. I did everything I could to get them in there and out of there efficiently without making them feel rushed.

It was awesome and I had such a fun time. The one thing I didn't realize about wetsuit stripping is you get COMPLETELY soaked. Like drenched. Water is flying at you from their wetsuits. When all was said and done, minus the mostly dry hair, I looked like I had just done the swim, seriously.
Your Rattlesnake stripper extraordinaires. You can't tell, but we are all soaked through.
After the last swimmer came through, it was onto the run to cheer people out onto the run and then a little bit later to the finish. I was excited to see the Ford family and catch a shot of Michelle as she headed into the finish looking strong!
Michelle finishing strong!!!
Is that a smile?
Then to hang with everyone else as the race finished. It was great to see all the Back2Back'ers and the smiles on their faces that they finished. It is a unique and interesting challenge and the race director always gives the back2back'ers something special. This year it was a very sweet running jacket and I was super-bummed I missed out on that! Next year...

While I didn't get to do the "official" back2back, I made my own back2back racing and volunteering!
Treat I found for the race... I thought it was appropriate.
Time to celebrate a great weekend!
Yum! If only every race could have a shot named after them.