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Hunter's First Triathlon

Ever since we did the Wisconsin Ironman, Hunter was asking when HE got to do a swim-bike-run race??? {He now calls it a triathlon.}

Being the end of September, there wasn't really out here as the weather was getting cold, so we appeased him by running both the Denver marathon Kid's Run and a kid's Turkey Trot. Both smashing successes.
Kids Run @ the Denver Rock'n Roll Marathon
Then this year rolled around and I noticed that the Boulder kid's tri was going to be when we were on vacation. Bummer. So, I looked around and found the Kid's Tri In July. I talked to the race director who assured me that it was non-competitive, meant to introduce the kid's to triathlon in a fun environment. PERFECT.

I was most concerned about the swim. The swim is a length of the pool (any stroke) and the race director told me he could hold onto the lap line or side of the pool at anytime. Regardless, I was worried about Hunter mentally freaking out, so 4th of July weekend we went to the local pool and I "tested" him to see if he was confident to swim by himself. Boy was he ever! He (and Lincoln) were both up for swimming laps. Lots of them. With that knowledge, I signed him up! (Lincoln is not 5 till next month, so he didn't qualify.)

Race morning rolled around and we were all really excited. Like everyone. Hunter had gotten bodymarked the day before and loaded up his bike in the van and off we went. 
The cool thing about the kid's tri is the anti-hype. It was all really well run and organized and we just got on our way.  Basically, here is how the day went -- check out the video at the end.
Body-marked and ready to go!

Got transition all set and ready to go!

A little encouragement from dad before the start

And he is off!

Swam the WHOLE way without holding onto the wall or lifeguard!

Waving to his fans!

1st stint - DONE!

Into transition
Ready for the bike!

Mounted and riding!

On the run - very intense!

And a strong finish for our little guy!
He got a popsicle and a medal!

Hanging with my favorite spectator

WE're all so proud of Hunter!

And now to the video!