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This weekend, I will be running the Miami Marathon. I need a qualifying marathon for Comrades (and a girl getaway), so... Miami it is!

Now this marathon will be different from the others I have run. In the past, I ran a marathon just to get to the finish line. This time, I am running for time; the faster I finish = the better the seed at Comrades.

Well, considering that Denver currently looks like this
And Miami currently looks like this
It has been a little difficult to train, but I did my best.

So, step #1-- Do some runs inside. (Which I have been avoiding.)
Regardless of the perception, I actually DO NOT like running on the treadmill, so this has been a tad bit hard. To make it more Miami-like (ie, hot) I haven't been using my fan- not a huge a sacrifice, but one none-the-less.

Step #2-- Test Run.
We all know the cardinal rule: Nothing new on race day. And...I have been doing my research and have invested in a few things that I am *hoping* may aid my speed. But considering the awesome weather and conditions of my self-supported runs, I haven't had a chance to use them.  So, while I am no girl scout, but I do like to be prepared, so here I am readying myself for my last long run with all my new gear.
(Pictured here: new arm coolers, smaller hand bottle and super-light waist pack. All purchased from my favorite running store, Runners Roost.)

Step #3-- The Mental Thing.
I have come to grips with the fact that I am a headcase. Or at least when it comes to running-- ok, or maybe always in life. But for me, 'thinking through' every aspect helps me feel prepared, so when race day comes I can simply execute. {I like to think as little as possible on race day.} Many times I think on my own, but I also have a great support system (Ross, Charley, Andrea, Jane, Sonja, to name a few) that have helped me think out loud through some of the race day aspects I am going to encounter. Will I go out with a pacer? Will I bring a water bottle? How fast do I want to go out? So that has been a great help.
Reconning the course. Nope, I don't really plan on doing it while I am down there, but being able to do it online was awesome! I now know (weeks, not the day before the race) what to expect. For some it doesn't help, but for me, it does. Check her out.
While I wish I could go as fast as this video does, I realize that would be impossible-- I would end up with an 8-minute-marathon.

So, here I am. 3 days out from leaving- 5 from running. Ready to go! I have been talking with my girly-girl friends and we are all uber-excited for it to come! We've got a hotel on the beach. We'll all be running, expecting good times. Heather will be running her FIRST marathon on her THIRTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY! (as if us all being together wouldn't be enough reason to celebrate)



Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

I am soooo excited~~~ Can't wait to see you. I don't even know if you knew I had a blog..BUT I do..and I wrote about how I am losing it about Sunday just yesterday....Can't wait to see you 3 bottles of G2 Grape, Bagels, pnut butter and 3 gallons of water....need anything else? Let me know!