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Training "home"

With the temps (and water temps) warming up, it was time to get back in open water. That being said, this week was return to the reservoir week for me.

Last year, it was our first season in triathlon and our first season in Colorado, so we really had no idea where to train, especially when it came to swimming in open water.

We tried Cherry Creek (ew! don't go there!), the gravel pond (awesome-- but far away) and Grant Ranch (good again, but limited hours)... and then we found the reservoir. Only 15 minutes from home (10, now that we know the shortcut) and open all the time. It's clean, it's beautiful, but, oh yes, it is cold. Take the bad with the good, right? I did not realize this at the time, but it is a mountain fed res, so the temps are always much colder than any other swimming hole.

On top of the water, there is a path around the res-- 8 1/2 miles. Conveniently, we had a lot of swim/run bricks last summer, so this worked out perfectly for us and spent a lot time running on the trail. Coincidentally, it simulates the majority of tri run courses we have been on-- hot, no shade, relatively flat.

Now that we are more versed in road riding, the Aurora res sits right on Quincy, a long, hilly road with little traffic heading east. It is perfect for our training rides leading up to Wisconsin, as the course is supposed to be hilly.
This picture doesn't make it look hilly, but trust me, it is.

I didn't realize it till I was there, but when I returned to the reservoir this week to train, it felt like "home". With the majority of our workouts taking place here in our first season, we learned a lot about tri training, our limits, our relationship and each other. It really felt like where it all started for me/us. It was nice to train in the familiarity and return to something that I hadn't been to since last August.

Oh, and I can't forget the best part. After a good workout, be sure to stop at the roadside stand (@ Gun Club & Quincy)...

...and get yourself a breakfast burrito. Only $3.25 and oh, so good!


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