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The last time I ran 50 miles... was a lot different. Completely different.

Me, Ross and two of our friends (Todd and Dave) ran the Fall 50 as a relay team. If you have never done a relay, it is totally fun and totally worth it. So fun, in fact. And really inspiring.

This race, we ran alongside a number of runners who were doing the 50 miles themselves. It gave me a little exposure to the life of the solo 50-miler... without having to do the whole distance myself. And, I will admit, it is probably where my desire to do a 50-miler started.

I also like to think that I gave some encouragement to the solo runners on the run.
Whenever I passed a soloist on the road, I would tell them how great I thought they were and that they were the real reason we were out there. (That and the party at the end, but I wouldn't say that to the runner.)

If you are thinking about it, I would HIGHLY encourage it. There is nothing like doing a distance with friends, encouraging one another along, making friends along the way, supporting not only your team, but other teams and runners as well. The day flies by, and amazingly, THE DISTANCE flies by. As cliche as it sounds, you'll create memories to last a lifetime.

So, now I am on the flip side. The solo runner. Psyching myself up to run 50 miles. And it's gonna be awesome. My mom will be my support team. Hopefully I will meet others on the way to offer encouragement to and reap encouragement from. But everything else will be different. And I am looking forward to it.

Here is a video of what it is like to run 50 with friends. After tomorrow, I will have a totally new perspective on what it is like to run 50. Guaranteed.

P.S. Registration for the Fall 50 just opened. I would register if I were you! Fun race, fun times. You know me, all about the *extras* in a race and this one does not disappoint: super-bling, car paint, glow sticks, a dj who loves old school 80's rap music and... endless (good) beer.