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Vegas - Here I Come!

So, why am I talking about Vegas in a blog I have devoted to training? Cuz that's where I am going this weekend for my long run!

Some friends and I are flying into Vegas, driving to California and running back to Vegas. Really? Yes. It's part of a pre-run for this event.
Heaven to Pair-O-Dice ~ a 250 mile relay run from Holcomb Valley in Southern California to Las Vegas.

A few months ago, I got an email from my friend Andrea (who is planning the race), asking for volunteers to run the course ahead of time. The inaugural event will take place this October, but first, she wanted to make sure, logistically, everything pans out by doing a pre-run.

To anyone willing to come on out, she offered quite a sweet deal. Basically, we get ourselves to Vegas (hello, cheap airfare) and Epic Endurance Events will take care of the rest! Who can pass up a deal like that? Plus the opportunity to run through a beautiful desert, support a friend in their entrepreneurial endeavor and did I mention Vegas(!).

Side note:
The only other time I have been to Vegas was when I was pregnant. Not a great way to experience Vegas, so I am looking forward to "take two".

I'm excited about this run for a few reasons:
1) It's going to be the longest run I have ever done (somewhere around 35ish miles).
2) I am going to be running through some very beautiful terrain (through the Mojave Desert).

I am also pretty scared about this for a few reasons:
1) It's going to be the longest run I have ever done (somewhere around 35ish miles).
2) I have learned that "very beautiful" also means "very difficult". I am looking at a lot of elevation gain on my portion of the run. Great. (I'll take that as a compliment that she thinks I can handle them.)

So, that's where I stand. Excited, nervous, anxious and ready for one good time when I am all done!


Karri said...

Wow. That's impressive! You can say, "I ran from California to Vegas." Very impressive. Cool.