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And just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier...

OK, maybe I knew that it is going to get crazier. A lot, lot crazier. But I guess I expected that "crazy" time to be more like next summer. When I am doing mad, long training hours in swimming, biking and running. Closer to the actual Ironman day.

But, no, the time is now.
Or, more appropriately, it is starting now. I am working on my mileage and doing lots of LSD (long, slow distance-- not the drug). When I posted "to 50k or not to 50k" on my Facebook page, I got the comment back "Why not, it is only another 8 miles or so".

And that is true. Logistically.

However, there is a distinct difference between a 26.2 mile "flat, fast and fun" marathon and a trail 50k. Especially out here where race directors intentionally look, plan and orchestrate the hardest courses possible, I swear.

If you think I am kidding, check out the course description (taken from the actual website):


No babies allowed. Most of our distance advertised are wrong. For instance our 10 miler turned out to be a 13 miler. Our 20 miler was really a 24 miler and our 50km was in reality a 56 km.

This is not a normal or standard 50km. The Ultimate Xc Moab Edition 50km is considered as one of the hardest 50km on the planet. Most of our participants will attest that this is as hard as a 50 miler.As a rule of Thumb, if you can run a 50km in 6 hours ;count to run this one in 9 hours. Yes 50% more time to complete the same distance. If this sound like a daunting task, this race is probably not for you.

So... it is a little daunting (ok, A LOT daunting).

Why? You may ask am I doing this:

- The experience, not the time. I don't expect to do this race in any record time. I will be happy to finish. (This will be the first event I will participate in where they actually check your vitals part the way through before they let you continue.)

- To challenge myself. I have never been one to take on a task that I am unsure of. I usually, if anything, over-train. With this event, I am taking some advice and guidance from my coach and friends and going for it! Doing something that I am unsure of and putting it out there.

- For the training. I am treating this event as a training run, not a race. The more events I can do where I am on my feet for numerous hours, the more prepared I will be come Ironman day.

- For the views. I have heard about the beautiful scenery. And while it is scary to think of all the elevation I will cover, I must remember for every cliff I run UP, there is a canyon to run DOWN.

So there you have it. My first 50k and not an easy one at all. November 14, 2010.

Two weeks from now, I hope to be posting that I have successfully finished and with pictures that I have taken myself (not 'borrowed' from the internet). With a real, live account of what it is actually like. Of the grueling details of the weird foods I will eat to keep me going and the wonderful accounts of the scenery around me.

If this is my last post, count on me still being lost in the desert...


Alicia said...

Good luck Girl!!! I can't wait to see how awesome you do! Enjoy it and have fun!